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Surrogacy is a beautiful and exciting journey that is built on the basis of mutual trust, respect and friendship.  The end result of this wonderful journey is the blessing of a child that will bring joy to your hearts and your home.  Surrogacy is an act of love and kindness that can never be measured, nor go unnoticed.  It is a miracle of a giving woman that helps bring a new life into this world and then into the arms of a well-deserving couple or individual.


Each quest to enlarge one's family is unique and the end result of a happy, healthy baby can be attained through surrogacy and/or egg donation.  At Future Families NW, LLC, we strive to help each and every Intended Parent and Surrogate have a smooth and loving surrogate journey, regardless of their situation.

Our responsibility lies in finding the surrogate angel that will complement the future parents through their surrogate journey and to oversee all facets and preserve a respectable relationship between both parties. We will always be available for each of you throughout your journey and through the birth of your miracle baby.

To find out more about the different kinds of surrogacy and egg donation, and to decide what kind of journey is right for you, follow the above links that are pertinent to your situation.



Changing Life, Facing Life, Sharing Life Together
Through The Miracle of Surrogate Angels
and Future Families NW, LLC.



Future Families NW is located in both Portland and Medford, Oregon.   FFNW is small, diverse, growing, committed, caring, serious, warm and REAL!
We have formed a community that encourages each other as we grow in faith, in knowledge, in service, and in love of self, family and neighbor.
At Future Families NW we not only respect but welcome diversity in race, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical and
mental ability, economic status and profession. We believe all people are equal before God and entitled to an enlarged family through surrogacy. 
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